Handmade Jesmonite Standing Face Pot/Vase - Off White with Gold Leaf

A lovely standing face pot/vase in white with gold leaf detailing. Measures approx 10 x 10 x 4cm
This will come with a couple of little artificial flower strands.
The hole in the top measures approx 22mm. This is perfect to hold artificial flowers, a couple of makeup brushes. Or can add a little 22mm test tube to fill with water to add a real flower and use as a vase.
Each piece is handmade by me, and due to the nature of Jesmonite each piece will be slightly unique due to air bubbles and the sanding process!
Jesmonite is an eco friendly water-based composite material, which is heat resistant, however Jesmonite has not been tested for food safety so we do not recommend using these dishes to hold food.
We seal all our pieces with a Jesmonite sealer.
All pieces are fitted with a cork base to prevent any scratching or scuffs to your furniture.
Wipe clean with a non abrasive, damp cloth and leave to air dry.
Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaning products.
Not dishwasher safe.
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