Caroline Gardner - Boxed Pomegranate Candle

Gorgeous piece from the Caroline Gardner collection
This hand poured mineral wax candle is made in England using natural plant extracts and a unique blend of fragrance oils. It has an aroma of fruity pomegranate and raspberries with notes of rich plum, lilies and pepper resting on spicy wood.
100% unbleached natural cotton wick
hand poured mineral wax
Dimensions: diameter 8cm, height 9.5cm
Burn time: approx. 40 hours
Layers of scent cleverly interact with each other, and perfumers use 'notes' to describe each layer. Top notes are the fragrance's first identity. These quickly fade into the middle notes - the 'heart of the fragrance'. Finally there are the base notes, which provide the fragrance with its longevity. Understanding these different notes and how they affect the finished fragrance can help you choose and appreciate your favourite scents or even create your own by mixing fragrances around your home.
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